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Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology spirit Holy star of the mission: Genesis says that there was chaos, then in that chaos or disorder, the spirit of God aleteaba above and begins the chaos to make cosmos. The word cosmos in Greek means harmony, beauty, order, and everything is in its place. Why women are going to which means beauty care cosmetics. Then God made chaos, by his spirit, he became cosmos. I.e. I ordered it, and then to sort it, he saw that it was good, but this word can mean beautiful. This transition from chaos to beauty, made the breath of God, called in Hebrew Ruah, which is feminine.

Start time Cronos in Greek meaning time chronology comes from there. Then, the cronos madly walked forward, of absolutely mechanical somehow, like a clock that goes all in time. Which is the more fool that can exist. Put to contemplate a clock hour. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל נפתלי בנט. There is nothing of novelty.

Well the Holy Spirit, or the Ruah’s Yahveh was Cronos Kairos which means, time of grace. Or became the chronological time, in time of grace. Your life that wouldn’t make sense, would have no purpose, and would have no charm, and would not have splendor without the spirit of God. With the presence of Ruahyahveh becomes Kairos, which means: moment of grace, harmony, sense of time. And then the time became the salvation history. Or that it was simply history, was made of salvation history. What was simply world, was harmony. Became field of salvation. Only performed on Earth, off the ground because they are the saved or not saved. Cannot find salvation in any part. So they can say, if you don’t find the salvation among human beings, with whom you live, you will not find anywhere else. Because God has to do the encontradizo with you, in the midst of humanity.

Mount Sinai In

Mount Sinai in the Sinai Bible. Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is renowned for its great importance in the biblical book of Exodus. If the current Gebel Musa is the biblical Mount Sinai continues to cause controversy among religious scholars. In the Torah, Mount Sinai is also called Mount Horeb and Mount of the Lord. Jewish scholars have long ensured that the exact location of Mount Sinai was unknown, giving the reason that their location was located on land incognita. This is not surprising, since it is one of the holiest places of their religion, especially famous for being the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments of the Lord. In biblical times, the place of the mountain was apparently well known, as shown in the description of Joseph camped on the mountain called Sinai, leading the multitudes to feed there.It’s in the highest mountains of the place, and the best grass, because grass is good, and had not been eaten before, because of the view that men had that God dwelt there, and the pastors did not dare climb up the place. Josephus, Jewish Antiquities, Book II, Chapter 12. And it was known in the days of Ahab king of Israel, as told in the story of Elijah’s journey: “And he arose and ate and drank, and walked with the strength of that food forty days and forty nights to Horeb The mountain of God. ” 1Ki: 19.8. The last Biblical mention of the place is in the New Testament: “For this Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia.” Galatians 4-25. Sinai Peninsula, showing the location of Jabal Musa’s position was evidently forgotten the mountain later. The positioning in Jebel Musa did two monks who claimed to have found the “burning bush” of Moses, about 300 AD.This bush is located, according to tradition, the monastery of Saint Catherine, Egypt. The belief of the location of Mount Sinai has lasted 1700 years and has become part of tradition. The real biblical place, however, is still uncertain. Sinai The name comes from “Moon god Sin, probably, like the desert of Sin. Judaism teaches that as soon as the Jews received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, were hated by the rest of the world have been those who received the divine word (a situation presented as a play on words: Sinai as Seen-ah, meaning hate). The area was hit by the third month of the Hebrew Exodus. There were encamped about a year. The last twenty-two chapters of Exodus, along with the entire Book of Leviticus and Numbers chap. 1-1, contain a record of what happened while they were at Mount Sinai. From Rephidim (Ex.17, 8-13) the Israelites traveled to “the desert of Sinai, and encamped there” before the mountain. “

Great Power

When I was small, on one occasion my father warned me that the human being is an animal of customs and I impressed me much more that that was an animal, that thing other customs. Now already not surprised me this and I assume resignedly my / our condition of animals in many occasions not necessarily rational and therefore misleading. Here that every time my passion is the study on laws that mark the intricate human behavior and want to explain with greater success. The custom is one of them and in my opinion, the more determinant of human persons Act (specific as human as I consider that other animals are people, too, because they should have rights and obligations consistent with the idiosyncrasies of their species). לחץ כאן נפתלי בנט ומצא עוד . The custom is configured in people as the usual way of doing things so that their roots in them and the society is even considered as a source of law (Consuetudinario), deriving in laws and decrees of forced compliance.

Therefore we are not before one minor issue, but of great importance in our life as conditions us, tacitly or expressly, in the events that you want to practice. When a custom is installed in us or in the society where we live there who move it, generating a feeling of continuity and immobility that also tends to be unquestionable and that paralyzes any attempt of change towards improvement. Last Holy Thursday travel to Cuenca to hear a passion according to St. Matthew the prestigious Consort Kings interpreted in large of the 49th week of religious music of that town overnight. Today I will not speak of far me emotionally, rose once again, that can perhaps be the work honda, heartfelt and human history of universal music. Completed the concert towards the 0: 30 h. already on good Friday I went presto to hotel to rest what could because he had never attended the procession of the mobs that begins at 5: 30 that morning and I had been insistently recommended by Tyrians and Trojans. The mob is one of the best examples can be found on the irresistible force of habit.

Who have attended this peculiar procession already know that its uniqueness part of an unusual fact and formally questionable somehow: about 2,000 nazarenes, walking backwards, precede the image of Christ with the cross by touching a monotonous drum play, desacompasadamente blowing horns detuned and mouthing all sorts of insults and whistles towards the protagonist of courtship, imitating what historiography account that happened to Jesus Christ in his way of Calvary. Since my stunned amazement away from any religious link, you could not give credit to what she saw and what is more, it was not right to explain to me what would be the true position of the conquense clergy before such an annual demonstration of Hebrew hooligansmania. What is the explanation? So yes: the custom, which has become unwavering tradition of a procession of such dubious taste religious but generating youth alcoholic revelry and huge economic benefits in form of spring tourism to a locality that does not walk never plenty of them.

TTline Package Hotel

With TT-line across the Baltic Sea to Sweden: Now in the cheapest combination package Hotel & ferry Hamburg-Travemunde, February 2011 two things to the ride in the holiday of strain make: traffic jams and the annoying search for an overnight stay. For both, TT-line now offers a relaxed solution. With the hotel & Ferry offers by TT-Line (Germany/travel/hotel /) can holidaymakers with the destination Sweden book both in one under or under Tel. + 49 4502 801 81. Even a cheaper price comes to relaxed book: together with the ferry guests to cheap preferential terms in the cooperation hotels in Germany and Sweden stay: E.g. from 179 euro in Malmo (single trip car, overnight stay in a double room for two adults).

Hotel & ferry for Sweden nights who with TT-Line Travemunde and Rostock off the Baltic sea crossing, attractive and affordable can in southern and central Sweden Hotel accommodation, also in the form of a round trip, this book ( Germany/travel/hotel-drive/Sweden). Travellers having the choice between nearly 50 hotels – Hilton Malmo city or first class Hotel Scandic Europa in Gothenburg to Scandic Horisont in Helsingborg, Sweden. And farm Inns and Castle Hotels await on the land also relaxed guests. The traveler a vacation as a tour of Sweden can book or a city break in one of the design capitals. With the hotel & ferry package can be booked in as many nights.

Particularly interesting for the family vacation: nearly all Swedish hotels offer free accommodation for a child up to 12 years in the room of the parents. Hotel & ferry for Germany accommodation more than 120 hotels are available between Garmisch and Travemunde/Rostock (Germany/travel/hotel (Germany)); they are conveniently situated on major routes, as well as in cities and particularly cheap to the hotel & Ferry special rates can be booked. Thus Swabia and Sweden closer together.

Hotel Marina Cinquale

Holiday in the Hotel Marina, Cinquale and the Tuscany on the doorstep who ever visited Tuscany in life, should in the best hotel do, at the Eden Hotel. Marina and Cinquale are small villages that lie in the immediate vicinity and therefore especially suitable for excursions. The Hotel Eden offers a wealth of amenities. This applies particularly well equipped rooms. Versilia is located in Tuscany and you notice that the facilities of the hotel. Of course, the Hotel Marina Cinquale offers all requirements, such as a lobby with WI-FI Internet access. A separate reading area and a cosy bar.

Of course, the reception is staffed around the clock and offers, including a ticket for trips over. Marina, Cinquale and Versilia are located, towns on the next. The guest for trips by car or the hotel’s own bike can go from here. The hotel offers every comfort in every guest room. Versilia is located in Tuscany and the hauseigne restaurant dishes up therefore the local specialities. But also the rooms are not comfort and regional atmosphere lack it.

So, the rooms Versilia via satellite TV, minibar, safe, desk, telephone, Internet access/WiFi, shower/WC with hair dryer. A balcony as well as a self controlled heating and air conditioning. Every guest has the choice between a single room a double room or twin room. There are also family rooms and rooms with connecting door available. Therefore is the home for a comfortable holiday in the hotel. Marina, Cinquale and other places offer many excursions. The sea is practically on the doorstep and so it holds no one probably long in the room. Versilia and Pisa <, Lucca, Florence and Siena can be reached quickly by car. Also the famous quarries of Carrara from the Hotel Eden are well worth a trip. Rooms can be booked online at the Hotel Eden. Here the guest finds out about any special offers.

Raiffeisen KOKO

vegasonic noise barrier for hotel Hohenlohe builds in Schwabisch Hall Hotel Hohenlohe in Schwabisch Hall takes structural measures to prevent noise-ridden guests with sleepless nights. The 4.50 metre high and a total 30 meters long noise KOKO WALL now holds the street noise of the B19. The hotel management of the ring Hotel Hohenlohe in Schwabisch Hall faced two problems in the restoration of an urban Villa: the stylish building, which in the future will serve as 2-star property for other hotel guests, is situated on the B19, one of the busiest main streets of Baden-Wurttemberg. Without a suitable noise protection, it is impossible to let guests stay here. In addition, that the plot itself has very little space. Somewhat closely, it is there already in the parking lot to the street – but here the need for protection against of noise is highest.

The solution: a wall with high noise factor and narrow width, the are still fits the environment. All that filled the plantable KOKO vegasonic, the strong brand of noise from the House of HERAS ADRONIT WALL. The KOKO WALL insulates the sound 30 DB and reduces flow rivers and wind speeds. Also, she absorbed the sound with 7 dB, so this is to and tossed, not between Street and wall but recorded by the cladding. The construction of the wall is simple, yet very effective: A non-visible, sound-absorbing steel plate is stuck between recycling plastic pipes, which are coated with natural coconut fibers.

This “sandwich”construction is kept protected by a galvanized steel frame and stable. Overall, the wall is just eight inches wide and takes up only minimum space – what needs the hotel Hohenlohe. Changed to occupy even less space than usual with the noise-protection wall, vegasonic in Schwabisch Hall extra the foundations of the wall. Square keep enough in the parking lot of the hotel to the shunting of cars with excellent noise protection. The KOKO WALL can quickly and simply be turfed with vines such as Ivy or wine. A proper planting and care, it is lush overgrown after a few growing seasons. Many municipalities in Germany are already in favour this approach: the community of Unterfohring, for example, confirmed the optical impression by the greening and the resulting improvement of air on the edge of a residential area. As the city of Essen, who had opted in 2010 due to the ease of the justification for KOKO WALLs along a busy stretch of expansion. The KOKO WALL at the hotel Hohenlohe is 4.50 high and 30 meters long. Enough to hold the noise from thousands of cars that pass daily on the main road next to the hotel. In February 2011, the KOKO vegasonic presents WALL for the first time in Schwabisch Hall before it was built within just a few days in May.