A Look At The Evil Eye

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The Turkish name for this amulet is Nazar Boncuk. The Evil eye amulet is very typical in Turkey can be seen being hung above the grafted or being hung on the rearview mirrors of cars, carrying or wearing as a pendant pinned to the baby clothes and especially of newborn babies . The women use it as a bracelet, an earring or a necklace. In the belief of Kabbalah we can also find the evil eye. According to ancient tradition, a piece of red string seven times around Rachel’s Tomb is endowed with mystical powers. By tying the string around her wrist, the wearer is protected from the destructive power of the evil eye, thereby preventing disease, poverty, accidents or other misfortune to happen to the bearer. Evil eye in Hebrew is called “ayin ha’ra.

In the Italian territory is the main “evil occhio (evil eye) and in Spanish” mal ojo “or” el ojo “(evil eye or just the eye). In Sicily it is “jettatore” (Protection of the eye) and in Farsi is “blah Band” (the evil eye). The Evil Eye is also known as “ayin harsh” in Arabic, “droch Shuili in Scotland,” evil eye “in France” busen Blick in Germany and was known as “oculus malus” among classical Romans. -You have to have another child? Bought a new car? Built a new home? Worried that your “friends” and others envy you your happiness? The protection from the evil eye is used for all these new things or likely to attract praise. It somewhat resembles an eye and they say the typical blue color is a factor, because it protects the user. So the idea is to protect yourself, your home, your office or the people you love. If you want to use in your home you should hang in the entrance of the house, so any visitor will see. If you want to wear it on you, the most common is a small amulet which can be hung on your clothes, your backpack, your wrist or your neck.