Aesculap AG

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Method to increase the dynamics of innovation implemented supported by the cockpit of a development in the corporate practice innovations are the basis for growth. Dynamic environments require ever-faster development times shorter and shorter development cycles. There are many ideas, but only a few products launched on the market are really successful. Therefore, successful action requires effectiveness and efficiency in the innovation process. For many companies, this is a real challenge for the Aesculap AG (medical technology). “Together with the consultancy Dr. beauty + partner from Cologne developed them with dynamic innovation” a method that the neologism has sprung the strategy formation process of Aesculap AG. It aims to detect deviations in the development portfolio through a permanent monitoring of the progress of the ongoing innovation projects and to bring the projects of decision.

To do this, the existing development process was reorganized and the better transparency of the process subdivided systematically into three process phases and eleven so-called gates (milestones to the progress test). These form the basis for the control of development projects. Capacity planning is the core element of the methodology and thus the main module of the IT tools developed to illustrate the method, a cockpit of development of. It queried already in the project system, how much capacity of the developer”for the processing of the respective project is required. In addition, the capacity planning requires a comprehensive analysis and illustration of all activities, with which developers”are employed.

30 to 50 percent of their work time will be spent usually already on topics such as basic research, product maintenance, complaint processing and production support. These include but also organizational and social-related activities which are often underestimated by the scope. But only one side of the challenge is to control the active project landscape efficiently. At the same time must be ensured, that is to “any time real” and sufficient “development storage is located in the project portfolio. This was a 2 pot strategy”developed, which splits the project portfolio in an active and a passive pot and similarly controls the input from projects in the pots. Only promising and strategy-compatible projects be included in the passive pot. The pot control ensures that the development storage not explode and is regularly cleaned up. Development projects may flow only in the active pot, if there development capacities were free. The first successes of the reorganization are already emerging: Aesculap development performance increased for the first time in 2012 by focusing in the active project portfolio. The standardized management of the complete development portfolio across all global development sites also resulted in an unprecedented transparency. The development process is running holistically as responsible for all the projects.