Ambienthotel PRIMALUNA

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The ideal family holiday offers for children on the Garda family hotel Spiaggia. Our children reflected in a world, which is perfectly adapted to their needs. Spiaggia family hotel offers the ideal family vacation with children on Lake Garda. Our children reflected in a world, which is perfectly adapted to their needs. Lake Garda Beach in close proximity, two beautiful swimming pools, garden with playground for children, almost no motorized traffic on the street in front of the hotel, and of course all the staff of Ambienthotels Spiaggia, which turns up on your little ones, make sure that you can spend truly child-friendly holiday with us. With the kitchenette in the rooms are family-run hotel in our completely independently and can prepare at any time for your little bottles and food. The ideal family vacation, children hotel and children holiday Lake Garda, with its ancient Roman name of Benacus, is with its extent between the mountains of 370 square kilometres the biggest Lake in Italy.

The glacial Lake is located in the three provinces of Lombardy, Veneto and South Tyrol and has its main tributary the river Sarca and large as the only drain the Mincio. Many islands adorn the surface of Lake Garda, where the largest probably del Garda Isola. Awarded by special climatic conditions and the beauty of the landscape, with its forests and olive groves on the mountain slopes and the Mediterranean flora on the shores of Garda with its enchanting insights and offers a vacation paradise for any traveler. Our Ambienthotel PRIMALUNA with views to the castle is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Lake – two kilometres south of the town centre in the picturesque Bay of Val di Sogno (dream Valley”) our Ambienthotel SPIAGGIA is located.