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Citysam has investigated the hotel offer to the Oktoberfest in 2010. Fleecing the hotels guests really? What is reasonable and what is expensive? Berlin, August 18, 2010. In one month, the Oktoberfest opened in Munich and Citysam has investigated the offer of hotels in Munich to. Like every year, the average prices of the hotels rise during Oktoberfest to approximately double the usual price. Who subordinated evil intentions to the hotels here, sees only half the story: the fact is that at the latest at the beginning of the Festival virtually all hotels are fully booked from Munich. For about 4.5 million guests travelled 50,000 hotel beds are available in Munich around, tourism experts from Citysam. It is practically not possible, provide each guest a suitable way to the night. Rising prices keep supply and demand in balance.

Just as it is possible, that even last-minute yet a suitable Hotel find, experts from the travel portal next. Most expensive are of course the hotels in the area between Oktoberfest and old town. Here a double room of the middle category between 160 and 250 EUR, partly from EUR 130 for early bookings costs. A comparison with other major cities in Europe shows that this price is not so high as this is sometimes shown. Only some hotels of lower segments, listing well over EUR 100 per night the largest percentage price increases with prices are striking. The exclusive five-star hotels are expensive at first glance.

The room rates include often complete arrangements with VIP service and tent space. Here is a weekend between EUR 400 and EUR 2,000. Relatively cheap, it stayed on the outskirts. There is a double room in a hotel of middle class from 100 EUR and public transport are within a few minutes in the city centre of Munich.