Common Struggle For New Hearing

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Magazine ‘Worm’ rehabilitation with cochlear implant and hearing aid modern technology can help many people with hearing loss to a significant increase in communication skills and social participation. But to maintain the high quality of the rehabilitation in the long term and to further develop, it is essential that physicians and audiologists, therapists and hearing as well as associations and affected hand-in-hand work. All pull together!”so then also the motto of the current issue of the worm is”. The leading German-language magazine to life with cochlear implant (CI) and hearing aid is devoted to the major challenges of future rehabilitation of hearing impaired people. In large rooms feel safe again; actively participate in conferences; dare ever again among people the objectives, the hearing impaired with rehabilitation by means of cochlear implant or hearing aid connect, are quite different. In it comes every case however, best in own daily life to use reached hearing, to participate in social life. The current issue of the worm”illuminated many areas of rehabilitation of hearing impaired in the proven mix of articles and testimonials. So, for example, psychosocial aspects of hearing rehabilitation, concepts of music therapy or criteria for a very early CI coverage of impaired infants are considered.

There are insights in the functioning of specialized CI rehabilitation centers as well as in the by audiologist with the CI professional training. The success of a unilateral CI supply at normal hearing in the other ear is represented as an example of the 6 year old Paul. Leading hearing implant and hearing aid manufacturers bring their point of view on the subject of rehabilitation. And you can learn why a CI-supply and the use of sign language by no means mutually. Consensus of the Posts is again and again: the challenges of rehabilitation and hearing aid/CI can be mastered only jointly. Experts in medicine and technology, speech therapy, social pedagogy, listening acoustic, music therapy and psychology as well as associations and self-help organisations must work together closely and trustfully.