From The Butcher To The Jeweler

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Jeweler may call itself to everyone – even without specialist training under lack of professional qualifications is suffering from the manifest and the entire Jewelry sector. Superficial knowledge and lack of training to destroy confidence in the jewellers. I bought that at a jeweler at the time! We hear this sentence and in the stomach turns to often on the basis of the work done me. Unfortunately what many customers do not know is that any professional training will be required to give Goldsmith or jeweler. Hello of your unemployed butcher, carpenters and bakers, saddle to just on Goldsmith or jeweler, because the qualification is anyway not asked.

While in other areas the regulations become increasingly restrictive, everyone does what he wants in our industry. Coffee roaster, perfume shops and discount stores get more and more in the jewellery industry and also on Christmas and flea markets are now riding a jewelry stand on the other. That with the seller of the whole matter at all have no idea it cares, but the victim is always the customer. The advice, service and also we as jeweller suffers from the mangelden expertise, because unfortunately no distinction is made in the case who has the training and expertise and who is not. Then, the entire industry is often vilified. I recently standt in the jewellery Department of a department store to large patch in Neumunster, and curiosity prompted me to ask just what separates different pearls in the delivery and how the price differences come into existence. In the course of the conversation the “jewellery trade seller” assured me that not dealing with freshwater cultured pearl Pearl. Congratulations, if all sellers at this company have so much idea on the hotel’s own article, know I weshal customers are confused.

Another example is the often incorrectly offered foam coral. In 90%, it is actually significantly lower root coral, which by the way also does not fall under the endangered species Act. I wish my own industry, that the Customer really probed, and thus the black sheep will be cleaned up. There is a specialist for each area. Cultured pearls or beads commonly is the Pearl expert, the Goldsmith is responsible for activities in the field of yellow gold, with a Jason best makes the barrel work (then not the stone breaks also). Of course quality comes at a cost also, but I am convinced that the end user has to arm to buy cheaply!