Heater Craft (SHK) Tricks With The Chimney Sweep – Monopoly?

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Chimney sweep is really from our point of view just a cleaning professional in the past has let the show steal the heating craft from the chimney sweeps. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של נפתלי בנט. Once somewhere new heating technology has been introduced, the chimney sweep at the expense of heating craft in the foreground have urged. At press conferences, chimney sweep before the heaters could photograph and not those who have built up the heaters. The result is disastrous for the heating craft. The population is largely unaware that the expertise in heating technology heating craft is.

Chimney sweep from our point of view is really just a stale cleaning profession that is mostly obsolete in modern heating technology. These two voices: Dr. Dr. Horst bollard of Haus & Grund Wurttemberg called a symbol of useless employment the chimney sweep. see: sites/artikel.php? artikel_id = 126 the FDP it recently as follows to the point brought: \”Chimney sweep!\” out of my house, see:../fdpaussencmykpfade.pdf how came it to the current situation? From 1935 Germany in sweeping districts was divided into the Nazi economic policy for chimney sweep. A private act, the chimney sweep, regulates the activities of the chimney sweep since then in a bureaucracy ausuferndem.

The time according to a law that makes even today do not even stop before the fundamental right to the inviolability of the home was built (GG article 13). See also: August 14, 2008: \”chimney sweep: an its own power in the country\” ..Schornsteinfeger a own power-in the State after many engineers and scientists make public their anger about the often-gratuitous chimney sweep activities, is now also the SHK trade on the barricades. See: engineers vs Schornsteinfeger.html SHK chimney sweep Problem.html the main problem is the lobbying of the chimney sweep. You appear to have many politicians and the authorities concerned in the grip. The legislation in the heating technology is largely aligned according to the wishes of the chimney sweep.