House In Nufringen

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The plot in Nufringen, a municipality in the metropolitan area of the Middle Neckar, has special quality: it is located on the western edge of the village and at the edge of a new area. Nufringen is achieving with the S-Bahn from Stuttgart in a good half an hour. The architects Frank + Schulz from Herrenberg took advantage of these opportunities of this plot location. They went to the target of the development plan, which envisaged a one-storey building with an eaves height of 4.50 m, sent. An exemption from this requirement was not possible, the fire could be no higher.

The level of the ground floor was designed deeper. Thus, it was possible to glaze the rooms on the upper floor room-high and to develop the upstream balcony through French doors. Clear outline inside and out the floor plan of the single-family house is consistently divided in two: all rooms are oriented to the West, the development, the stairs and the adjoining rooms to the East. The interior layout is outside: the West side is glazed fully, the East facade is up on a narrow Closed window band under the eaves. A clear cut at the southeast corner marks the entrance. The overlying floor takes over the function of a canopy and provides effective weather protection.

In the West, a balcony made of galvanized steel is upstream of the facade which allows the cleaning and maintenance of the glass facade. The Interior is determined by a striking wall plate that separates the Western and the eastern zone. This disc is trained as a wall unit, which absorbs parts of the kitchen, the dressing room and even the stove. The cabinets are to open from both sides and shape all open spaces of the House with their fronts in oak wood. In the airspace above the dining area it forms the balustrade of the Gallery on the first floor at the same time. There, the rooms open up to the underside of the roof, which lies along the sides of the House on steel supports. The transverse forces are absorbed by drawstrings, which appear on the gallery in appearance and illustrate as static functions. The closed external walls are solid brick, covered the roof with light grey Braas Tegalit. לא תמיד שלומי בסון. Colour this roof stone corresponds perfectly with the untreated concrete walls of the garage and the galvanized steel construction of the balconies. Simple and precise training of all details corresponds to the reduction in the materials. The whole House takes a step back. The neutral, modest materials have their surfaces, less by their colors.