Imamausbildung At German Universities

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In Germany, about 2,000 trained professionals for teaching Islamic religion are missing. In Germany, about 2,000 trained professionals for teaching Islamic religion are missing. Therefore, the first University Imamausbildung in the German language begins from autumn 2010 at the University of Osnabruck. So, theological content can be arranged according to the responsible Prof. Dr. Bulent u in German. So far, the Islamic studies, who are specialized in the training of imams, are not established at German universities. Only a few universities currently offer model projects to Islamic education.

An education in Turkey with subsequent return, as recently announced by the Turkish religious authority, encountering rejection in the universities. With training from abroad, the imams know neither the country, the German language, nor cultural expertise and the problems of the Muslims in Germany. To give their community a sufficient orientation is therefore difficult. Imams are in addition to their function as “Prayer leader social focal points of the Islamic community and helpful for the integration”, so the Lower Saxony Interior Minister Schunemann. Integration of 4 million Muslims in Germany at the municipal level is a priority to the integration of Muslims not only in the mosque associations.

Political representatives as well as administrative staff need inter-cultural competence. Specifically the administrative staff of public bodies should be prepared on the contact with Islamic residents, this expert advice to and specifically respond to their needs. Thereby, including knowledge of the religion, but also information on norms and values are taught. Intercultural opening of administration the intercultural team of the imap Institute offers academic expertise, international experience and many years of expertise in the area of intercultural training. In cooperation with local authorities, for example in seminars, the administrative staff of the cultural characteristics of the migrants is trained and prepared for a successful integration work. כדאי לך לעיין אצל שרי אריסון כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Contact: Joe SABO sales Manager imap Institute star 58 40479 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-513 69 73-0 fax: 0211-513 69 73-39 the imap Institute as intercultural consultancy was founded In 2002. Since IMAP is divided into four business areas: International Economics consultancy intercultural marketing integration work intercultural training the imap Institute interculturality considers economic and social potential, society as companies can profitably use. Just Germany as a leading exporting country benefited. IMAP builds a bridge to Muslim cultures with his consulting portfolio. The intercultural imap team is characterised by its expertise on the social, cultural and economic relations and properties of Turkey, Iran and the Arab world. The consulting services ranging from the conception of integration strategies in Germany to the successful deal between German companies and their partners in the Target countries.