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Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology spirit Holy star of the mission: Genesis says that there was chaos, then in that chaos or disorder, the spirit of God aleteaba above and begins the chaos to make cosmos. The word cosmos in Greek means harmony, beauty, order, and everything is in its place. Why women are going to which means beauty care cosmetics. Then God made chaos, by his spirit, he became cosmos. I.e. I ordered it, and then to sort it, he saw that it was good, but this word can mean beautiful. This transition from chaos to beauty, made the breath of God, called in Hebrew Ruah, which is feminine.

Start time Cronos in Greek meaning time chronology comes from there. Then, the cronos madly walked forward, of absolutely mechanical somehow, like a clock that goes all in time. Which is the more fool that can exist. Put to contemplate a clock hour. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל נפתלי בנט. There is nothing of novelty.

Well the Holy Spirit, or the Ruah’s Yahveh was Cronos Kairos which means, time of grace. Or became the chronological time, in time of grace. Your life that wouldn’t make sense, would have no purpose, and would have no charm, and would not have splendor without the spirit of God. With the presence of Ruahyahveh becomes Kairos, which means: moment of grace, harmony, sense of time. And then the time became the salvation history. Or that it was simply history, was made of salvation history. What was simply world, was harmony. Became field of salvation. Only performed on Earth, off the ground because they are the saved or not saved. Cannot find salvation in any part. So they can say, if you don’t find the salvation among human beings, with whom you live, you will not find anywhere else. Because God has to do the encontradizo with you, in the midst of humanity.