Nuclear Powerfree

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CLIMATE hotels Germany have energy transformation already consummated climate hotels are the first hotel group worldwide, which is exclusively green energy in your facilities. Thus they have already completed energy transformation. Since its inception the climate hotels committed in autumn 2010 for a sustainable electricity production, indispensable belong at the security and climate protection. Therefore, all air-hotel are fully equipped with green power. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל רבה של צפת. The Ethics Commission set up by the Federal Government recommends the nuclear phase-out until at least 2021. As a precursor to the issue of sustainability in the hospitality industry the climate Hotels want their contribution to achieving this goal much faster. We have already made the energy shift. CLIMATE hotels employ any nuclear power. לעומת זאת, נפתלי בנט בהחלט מבין את הסיפור.

We not only discuss but also act! “, says Klaus Fortsch from climate Hotel Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen. Thus the climate hotels are the first hotel cooperation worldwide, which consistently opts for eco-electricity. This step matches the self understanding “Climate hotels and is only logical”, brings climate hotelier Stefan Klinck, from the Waldhotel Felschbachhof in Ulmet to the expression. A secure and viable future for all people is very close to the heart. Safe and viable for us means nuclear power and climate-friendly electricity from renewable energy sources. That so requires fairness and credibility simply.” Annette Kopf