Olympic Champions

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If you have a child, what would you do, it will go to bed later than you'd like. The second group includes those children who love to nap after lunch and during that time are filled with such energy that it does not run with them until midnight. Medical science has not yet reached a level that would be possible to get the kids to sleep longer, however, we know exactly how you can put the kids and how to make sure that they are not out of the room. Here are some recommendations on this issue. If he gets up again, you must show firmness. Do not be afraid to be tough – after all, you paid enough attention to him before bedtime.

Never bring the situation before having to put your baby several times during the night. I have not heard parents said in all seriousness: "Last night I was putting the child in bed twenty-four times. אל דאגה שלומי בסון הוא האיש הנכון . This is not discipline. You just play with your child in a fun game, and only one of you like it. So, you lays him down in bed only once, do not accept any objections, you also know that the chief – this is you, and he knows his place, and at this point! Wait until he falls asleep. The softest approach – remain seated near the child until he falls asleep. You finish reading a story, hug, kiss, corrects a blanket and sit stay, until he starts to doze. This is the most harmless way. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל נפתלי בנט.

Try to adhere to the established mode during the preparations for bed, then put your baby to sleep at certain times. In those cases, when putting the difficulties arise, you can temporarily resolve to go to bed later. After the regime will set, would no longer be difficult to reduce the time lying down to a few minutes, until the desired result is achieved. Reassure them. Before going to bed do not quarrel, do not scold, do not run, do not chase and do not play romps. "Olympic Champions" will not be able to fall asleep immediately after they finished the race. If you believe that as a warning you can spank a child, but now it's time for this.