Reinhard Dobel Rahman

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LingoZ wants to become the world’s largest dictionary Munich – Babylon, the international specialist for dictionaries and reference works with a mouse click, is breaking new ground. A free online service called LingoZ, is now available. With LingoZ Babylon calls for the Web world an impressive language portal in the life: so created a dictionary of end users for end users, which includes translations and compact terminology definitions in eight languages. It is already filled with 4.5 million words from the famous Babylon dictionaries and free glossaries at the start. In addition, short definitions from Wikipedia are from the beginning at 3 million available. Thus, when it comes to word translations and explanation, LingoZ represents the optimal entry point for professionals, students and any Internet user. The starting amount it will not long remain.

LingoZ is the so-called Socialweb “solution created and programmed for growth. Every Internet visitor can report terms are missing and own new Add or interact with others. Even entire dictionaries, for example, a glossary on the subject of football, can be inserted. A rating system is used to assess the quality of entries and to classify the reliability of authors. It motivates the authors at the same time, achieving top positions as experts by good reviews. The languages already supported, include German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Hebrew. More are added. LingoZ is aiming to be the world’s largest dictionary.

With LingoZ, Babylon provides his huge wealth of language dictionaries of the Internet community in an open Web 2.0 solution. We expect that the number of terms and the scope of their explanations quickly increase”, says Eyal Barzilay, responsible manager of LingoZ at Babylon. So grows the benefits for all. It has been shown that the Internet community Services is capable of, which go beyond what may provide a limited editorial team”, adds Reinhard Dobel Rahman, Managing Director of Babylon GmbH in Munich. In our domain, which are developing solutions for language translation and rapid knowledge transfer, we with LingoZ in the new world of Web 2.0 important take on a role.