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Male-pattern baldness – the side surfaces of the head, around the forehead and on top – can start at any age, sometimes even a teenager. This pattern baldness is caused by hormonal factors – namely, elevated levels of male sex hormone androgen. Baldness female type – the thinning hair on the front surface of the head on the sides or top – much rarer, but is experienced by women is particularly tragic. It is caused most often-and hormonal disorders. Most severe form of hair loss – alopecia nest.

When her hair falls out suddenly at a certain location. The causes of this disease often can not be established, and sometimes the hair begins to recover themselves. But most of all the same it takes a long and persistent treatment is not always effective. The most successful is the use of a complex of vitamins and trace elements that are involved in the growth of hair. Every day each person loses from 50 to 100 hairs and this is normal. Hair, like any other living organism that is undergoing several phases of development – from early growth to the resting phase and involution of the hair bulb.

Once the bulb is completely kreatiniziruetsya, hair falls out, and several months later, a new hair bulb. The flexibility and durability of hair provides sebum secreted by the sebaceous follicles. Their activity is strongly dependent on the hormonal influence. Physical or mental stress, nutritional deficiencies, the action of various toxins, including drugs, can change the way hormones, which disrupted the function of sebaceous follicles. Giperseboreya begins, that is excessive release of the product of sebaceous glands. Then the hair is thinner, become shorter, and finally falls out. To normalize the activity of sebaceous follicles and thereby stimulate hair growth and strengthen them, you need a complex matter: First of all, the B vitamins – B6, and B12.